Stevie Nicks – Cat Champion At Royal Easter Show 2017

Date: 16 April 2017

Presenter: Today was the final day of the Open Cat Championship at the Royal Easter Show. A feline with a familiar name is triumphant. Elwyn Chow reports.

Stevie Nicks is a championship cat.

[ Music: Fleetwood Mac “Seven Wonders” ]

If I live to see the Seven Wonders

Not that Stevie Nicks. Today’s star, this Stevie Nicks, is a chocolate Burmese cat. The awards ceremony is held in a picket fence lined enclosure on fake grass within Pet Pavilion.

Announcer: The overall Best Exhibit in Show for the 2017 Purina Pro Plan Pet section of the Sydney 2017, 2017 Sydney Royal goes to Sabokah Stevie Nicks.

Katrina Santas, National Endorser Specialist at Purina PetCare, praises Stevie and her breeder.

Katrina Santas: Beautiful cat, a stunning youngster. A beautiful opportunity for this woman. She is a lovely dedicated breeder and it’s super that she has now been able to take out such a major prize here today.

Erica Bell, Stevie’s breeder, is the most appropriately dressed person here. A closeup of a tiger’s face is her t-shirt. I asked her about her preparation.

Erica Bell: Oh, bathing the cats. That’s about it.

She is indeed a fan of Fleetwood Mac.

Erica Bell: Of course, I saw them live when they were at Hope Estate last year.

This is not a comeback. Stevie won several Best in Section awards last year as a kitten. Will she be back next year? This Stevie may not be talking but maybe the other Stevie Nicks has some thoughts on this.

[Music: Stevie Nicks “I Can’t Wait”]

… to be continued
I can’t wait, I can’t wait
Well, if I’m wasting my time while you make up your mind

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