The Nerd Cave moves to Accessibility


INTRODUCTION: Geek is chic but one niche that has been neglected are wheel chair users. Elwyn Chow reports…


The Nerd Cave is a community centre for many types of gamers and is also a retail store.

They are putting the finishing touches on their move to Ashfield. Almost all board game shops in Sydney are not accessible by wheelchair. The owners of the Nerd Cave are trying to make it as wheelchair accessible as possible.

In 2016, a survey of 500 small and medium businesses in 2016 found:

  • 61% of businesses are likely to change to improve access for consumers with disabilities
  • 70% of those seeking to improve would change the premises
  • only 3% of businesses didn’t change the previous year because their premises was not suitable

I spoke to Michael Christie about the changes to the Nerd Cave.


I’m glad it’s accessible. Um. I had actually sort of looked into coming to the previous Nerd Cave when our gaming group was looking for a new gaming venue for mid-week games but we pretty much ruled out the Nerd Cave because it had too many stairs for me to get up and manage so I’m pretty happy with the new digs I guess.

It’s got ramp entry in so that’d good and it’s fairly spacious so I can get around in my wheelchair.


The Nerd Cave will not be fully accessible. The toilets are not wide enough and are down one step.

The owners cannot fix this. They are renting and cannot remove a wall. I spoke to John Little.


I can tell you if the location gets it badly wrong, the word gets around and they won’t come back. People with a disability support, loyally, businesses that get it right and tend to get it right.


Australian Network on Disability, 2016 Disability Confidence Survey Report

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