Pilgrimages: Minneapolis

Everybody goes on holidays but the focus is on satisfying the mainstream. The "pilgrimages" blogs covers niche affections for music and popular culture and provides map links to them.   Minneapolis, Minesota, USA was the epicentre of some of my favourite musicians' careers. Prince and The Replacements came from Minneapolis. Hüsker Dü were from neighbouring Saint Paul. Bob … Continue reading Pilgrimages: Minneapolis


The Shit Hits the Fans: What Really Happened?

We are fortunate that in the last couple of decades, biographies of alternative bands are being published more than ever and that for most of us, we are within memory of such history. However, I question Roscoe Shoemaker’s claim that he recorded The Replacements’ authorized bootleg “The Shit Hits the Fans”. The Replacements were a … Continue reading The Shit Hits the Fans: What Really Happened?